Founded in 2002 by Martin Elkort, David Schulman & David Stork and modeled after the renowned New York Photo League, the mission of the Los Angeles League of Photographers (LALOP) is to expose the wider public to photography's essential social, political, and aesthetic values while forming a network of working fine art, street and commercial photographers who join together to discuss, debate and review photography, share and critique work, and organize photographic exhibitions about the greater Los Angeles community in all of its diversity.

LALOP 's most recent exhibitions are as follows:
2009 LALOP AT THE PIER, A Santa Monica Pier Centennial Exhibition at the historic Carousel on the Pier
2007 WITHOUT A PADDLE PART I, Mama's Hot Tamales Gallery, LA
2007 WITHOUT A PADDLE, PART II, Downbeat Cafe/Gallery, LA
WITHOUT A PADDLE was a series of exhibitions in downtown Los Angeles organized to mobilize support for the restoration of the historic paddleboat operations on the Echo Park and MacArthur Park lakes. LALOP worked with community organizations to garner publicity and strength with the result that the Los Angeles City Department of Parks & Recreation decided to include these operations again in their budget.
See "Paddleboat Economics" Los Angeles Weekly
2006 EVERYDAY L.A, Metro Gallery, LA
2004 SITE-SEEN: LOS ANGELES, I-5 Gallery, Brewery Arts Complex, LA
See "A collective focus on L.A." Los Angeles Times

Friday, June 5, 2009

Photography Events on 11 June & 13 June!

Several interesting upcoming events for LALOP photographers and others:
1. On June 11 at the Annenberg Space for Photography, Helen K. Garber who joined us at Helen GarberLALOP AT THE PIER, is presenting her project: Urban Noir/ LA-NY - a series inspired by the visual elements of film noir, the language of pulp fiction and the rhythm of bebop jazz, the presentation to be accompanied by a live performance by television and film composer John Beasley's original score of Urban Noir.

2. At Gallery Skart at Minarc where the Group LA show is about to close, this is what's coming in, opening on Saturday 13 June. Check more info at http://www.galleryskart.com

3. Great lecture at the Getty on Paul Outerbridge in the morning of Saturday, 13 June by Graham Howe. Check info at http://www.getty.edu/visit/events/outerbridge_course.html
plus an extra event to sign up for: a free Point-of-View Artist Talk by photographer Reece Vogel at 2:30pm.

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